• Not the result of some feelings



    Cup of black coffee a Dengying
    To midnight three points empty bottle
    Altogether silent as soon as
    Total of my view of the dead of the night
    A pair of black eyes and a figure
    Not the result of some feelings
    Life holds my heart I had
    Accept their fate with this raw
    Gently you want though should not
    But I love this dream
    Can speak, I know that everything is OK,
    Live pleased
    Lightly you want to listen to you
    Homemade number one hundred dreams
    Tube may not exactly true happy
    Or false pleased
    May your life not sad
    May you finally find their own direction
    If even unhappy to find me
    Do not want to be alone to solo
    Sad full to me
    Do not need to feel far-fetched
    Leave you know I do not know
    Completely do not need to say sorry