• Lifting wire very tired



    Lifting wire very tired
    Early in the morning to get up at five o 'clock sleep dim the day did not have brightly
    Various armed to the teeth played chicken blood bullet to the roof
    Crowded subway cheek to the window hungry belly heart feel nervous
    Lifting wire shape

    Pay half flowers light and strong play spirit camouflage
    All friends a have to beware of HeiQiang behind
    The ancients said epictetus the fat of the land by the imagination
    Lifting wire shape

    Because there is no li just that parents
    So can only do not afraid dead of jack Bauer

    Don't have time to date I was in a meeting lifting wire he is very tired
    Looking for chances to seize the opportunity lifting wire he is very tired
    The rent it too expensive with dinner party drunk lifting wire he is very tired
    Please give me the opportunity who doesn't love BaiFu beauty




    Wake 2012-10-24